Hi All,

This is the last of the waterfall shots in the Blue Mountains on my recent walk.

By the time I had walked this far I was pretty fatigued and just wanted to get this over and done with!

It wasn’t until I was processing the attached shot that I realised just how high this waterfall actually is and how wide it is up the top. The walk back to the car meant climbing that high on the stairs so I was very tired by the time the car loomed into view!

It is called Cataract Falls but I forget for the reason behind it.

If I was to do the walk again I wouldn’t do Adelina Falls again as I can’t do a really different shot to what I have already taken. It is also really a stand alone waterfall by itself on the track. I would do Junction, Federal and this one again as they are very close to each other. I will do them again at some point.

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I hope to also get a gallery going shortly since it has been a long time since I have put one up on shot2frame.

Anyway enjoy.