Hi All,

The idea for this shot has been floating around in my mind for some time but since this is very local to me I just haven’t made the effort to get out and do the shoot..
With all the rain around I decided to get out of the house on Monday night and get some shots so decided to do this location.
I wasn’t there long before someone turned up and started talking to me. Turns out it was the store owner. Someone had spotted me and rung him saying I was lurking around the front of the shop which was not quite right.
This event was fortunate for me as the lights were lit on the front porch of the shop making the shot really hard to do with a single shot. As I was chatting with the store owner I asked if he could turn the outside lights off to make it easier to do the shot for which he obliged.
The result is attached.
I intend to go back after daylight savings has finished to do some more shots with the owners permission and hopefully have the lights out again.