Hi all,

Just a happy snap of Cairns from Henry Ross Lookout which is halfway up the range to Kuranda.  Kuranda is known as the village in the rainforest and is famous for its markets. I like to go there to see what is in the excellent Peter Jarver Gallery.

With this shot, the northern suburbs of Cairns are around the corner to the left and the cane fields are right in front of the shot. Slightly off to the upper right the white thing is actually Cairns Airport and the CBD is hidden behind the hill. The highway to the south is off to the upper right which leads to all points south.

I hope to get a shot of a typical cane farmers house at the base of that hill when I am next in Cairns for a few days in July. The cane season will have just started so hopefully I will also be able to get a cane fire shot as well. I will also be doing a day trip to the Daintree so hopefully I will get some great shots there.

Anyway, enjoy