Hi All,

Last Saturday I spent the day in the Blue Mountains on a photography course. The forecast was good for taking shots of waterfalls but as the weather can be unpredictable up there it turned out to be the opposite. It was a clear sunny day for the most part which was disappointing for me.

I decided to do the course to learn and reinforce what I had learn’t on other courses and for the most part I am in the ballpark. In addition I also wanted to know where a particular waterfall was in the Wentworth Falls area….well I am still waiting to find out although I do have a very good idea where it is.

We started out in the Wentworth Falls area and then proceeded to Sublime Point near Leura. If you want to get away from the crowds and just enjoy the views of the Blue Mountains then this place is it. It is quiet, is only a short walk from the car park and I can almost guarantee that you will be alone. Just don’t go there if it is windy as the lookout is quite exposed and it is a case of hang on for dear life!

The last part of the course was at Echo Point at the Three Sisters. By the time we got there the weather was starting to turn a bit and unsurprisingly there were large crowds there right up to sunset.The attached shot was taken not long before sunset. The dark mountain on the right is the eastern end of Mount Solitary. It was a real battle to get a good spot with all of the photographers around.

Anyway, enjoy!