Hi All,

In my last blog I mentioned Sublime Point so I have attached a couple of shots I have taken from there over the past couple of years.

The shots are very different in that one has fog in the Jamison Valley. This is an amazing sight and is one that you just have to see for yourself to appreciated nature at it’s best. On the day I took the shot the fog was moving around the valley quite quickly but wasn’t actually lifting nor dissipating at all.  The cloud also makes the shot more interesting I think. To the right is Mount Solitary and to the left is Kings Tableland.

The other shot is a panoramic that comprises about 5 shots I think stitched together. The attached shot has a small fault that I have fixed in the original. In taking this shot I was almost blown off the lookout as it blowing ay gale force at different times. It is a wonder I actually got any images worth using. Just in on the left on the treed ridge line is Ruined Castle and off to the right is the 3 Sisters but you can’t really see them as you are sitting below them and they are hard to see against the backdrop of  Narrow Neck.

Anyway, enjoy!