Hi All,

Well something a bit different again for this instalment.

The attached shot was taken about 10 minutes after sunrise and looks as though it is in the bush somewhere. Well it is sort of……. about 15 minutes from my place near Camden!

I spotted this old truck a while back but couldn’t take the shot I wanted until now as the sun angle has to be right to get a decent shot. I don’t know anything about it’s history except there is nothing but houses around it which made the choice of angle for the shot rather restrictive to 2 or 3 spots.

The shot was taken from the road and I think it would not have made much difference if I was in the paddock either due to the other houses I mentioned before.

I took this shot this morning when it was only 4 degrees and whilst waiting for the sun to come up I think my feet froze! I know that first coffee did the trick but gee it was cold out there.

Cawdor is the name of the area where I took the shot and is a little off the beaten track but is a great area to go for a drive in and have a look at the Razorback Range and travel up the hair raising Old Razorback Road to the top of Mt Hercules and then onto Picton.

Anyway I hope to do something different again next week so stay tuned!

Finally apologies for the smallness of the shot… for some reason when I inserted it originally it wasnt showing all of the shot.