I have driven past this place at least 100 times and have always been fascinated by it and tried to envisage how I would take the shot.

Having been fooled by the weather a couple of times, the opportunity came up to do just that but the end result was vastly different to what I thought I would get.

In this shot off to the right out of view is a pond which I thought would be the best way to get the shot, but I realized as soon as I starting shooting that the sun would rise in the wrong spot to get anything decent. So basically I started to wander around to see what else I could come up with and it was a shot from the last spot I looked at.

The dairy itself is very close to the road so that made my job a lot easier and the one good thing about Luddenham is that it sits quite high in that when you approach it from any direction you are coming up hill so it gives you a different sort of view to normal. The hills that you can see in the background are in fact the lower parts of the Blue Mountains which also give something different to the shot as well.

I am not sure what is happening with the cloud as I was concentrating on the cloud behind me so that I could get a sunny shot and I haven’t tampered with it when I processed the shot on my computer although I did use some special filters when taking the shot, it shouldn’t have affected it but does look strange!

I hope you all like the shot. I still have more dairies of varying types to shoot so stay tuned.