Hi All,

Well the Vivid Festival has come and gone and I managed to cover a lot of it over visits to the city over 3 nights, with one in the rain.

The festival was well publicised this year and when the rain wasn’t tumbling down, there were plenty of people out and about which made things very difficult to get decent shots and move around generally.

Since I managed to cover quite a lot of territory I will group the shots.

The first group is of Argyle Cut which is in The Rocks and was one of the new colonies first engineering feats to cut a roadway over to Millers Point to save time. It was started in 1843 with convict labour.

The shots on the cut walls represent the seasons when the First Fleet arrived. They originally thought there were 6 distinct weather seasons but over time realised there were the more normal 4 as we know them today.

My only regret with these shots is that I didn’t stand in the middle of the road with a true fisheye lens. That would made for a fantastic shot.

Anyway enjoy!