Hi All,
I have just got back from a few days up in Cairns and was lucky enough to shoot a part of the Daintree amongst other things.
I have attached a shot of a house that I have driven past many times before but this is the first actual time that I have seen this house due to the fact that the cane has already been cut for this season. Normally it is hidden amongst the high sugar cane fields and all you would see is a driveway.
There is nothing special about the house and sits on the Bruce Highway just south of Cairns amongst the cane fields which can be seen to the right and behind the house.
Oddly enough when I took the shot I was already seeing this shot as a Black & White mainly due to the lack of colour in the shot (being quite cloudy) and the fact that the house is white!
Unfortunately this trip to Cairns wasn’t kind weather wise so I couldn’t get any train shots but got a few landscapes in before the rain started, which I hope to share in time with you all.
I haven’t finished with the Vivid Festival shots but time was against me in getting them finished before I flew for Cairns. I will get back to them at some point!
Anyway enjoy!
Paul Bartle