Hi All,
Well this spot would have to be the one of the highlights of my trip to Cairns.

This spot is about 10km’s from Cairns CBD as the crow flies and whilst it is sign posted no tourist bus goes anywhere near the place. Just as I like it!
Crystal Cascades is near Redlynch a Cairns suburb to the north and it is a series of smallish waterfalls with pools to swim in (complete with largish fish too), which the locals do, so I am told. There is a carpark and a walk for the main part of the Cascades but I knew there was another walk there which I had read about in my walk book prior to my trip.

The only sign in the car park to mark it is the stinger tree alert and that is it!

Anyway, the track is not that long but you may as well be in another world as you can tell by the shots. I visited twice and had another visit planned after the Daintree trip but the weather turned really bad so I wasn’t able to do another shoot in there. All it has done is make me very keen to return there to continue exploring and seeing what else I can find.

You may be wondering what the stringy looking vines are. They are called “Wait-a Whiles”. You can’t tell from the shot but that vine has hundreds of little horns on it just waiting to snag anything. Whilst I wasn’t caught there, I certainly was down at Babinda Boulders and let me tell you it is hard to it off you with bleeding a bit!

Enough from me, enjoy!