Hi All,

The Cairns Lagoon is the focal point of the city centre and is a very popular with both locals and tourists alike.

I have been there at different times of day and it is fascinating to watch things go on there. In the early mornings, you have your walkers and joggers but by lunchtime the backpackers and the tourists are in. Finally at night depending on the day of the week, you can be entertained there as well as have some small markets going on.

It was funny with this visit because you can’t enter the lagoon until 7am as it is cleaned most days and the locals basically queue up ready to go from about 6.45am onwards, looking at the clock as if it was a countdown.

I have shot several sunrises from the lagoon but have yet to be lucky enough to get the red sunrises that I seem to see plenty of shots of.

This particular shot was taken about 6.15am with the sunrise still a way off at near 7am and as you can tell the fish are floodlit.

This was only meant to be a test shot as I was still trying to work out the settings and I actually let the camera decide the settings for it. Normally I wouldn’t use what the camera calculates as I think it is a little overdone most times, but I am really pleased the way this shot has come out with all the different shades and colours.

Anyway, enjoy