Hi All,

This was the highlight of the Cairns trip and it was a visit to The Daintree and to visit this spot. I was was on a one day workshop led by Steve Rutherford ( http://www.steverutherford.com.au/photography.htm). I have previously completed a 4 day workshop with Steve so he has taught me a lot about how I shoot.

How Steve puts up with me I will never know.

The spot is on Cooper Creek and from what I can work out is not far short of Cape Tribulation and the conditions were perfect for rainforest shooting. So much so it was starting to rain just as we were leaving.

Steve tells me this spot is an Aboriginal fertility waterhole and is not signposted in any way so to find it again would be quite a feat and looking at Google earth, it isn’t apparent either. The waterhole itself is quite deep and is very shallow all around it as the shots will show.

I am not sure what is happening with shot No 4 with the small cairn of stones. There were several of these around this small area but no one could explain how they got there or who put them there as this spot is not on any tourist map.

It is a beautiful spot and I just wish I could actually spend a whole day there as there are so many little locations within a small area in which really to capture the scene.

I don’t think there are any more I can put in this blog that can justify the scene.

Anyway, enjoy.