Hi All,

This is a shot I took at 5.30am last Sunday up in Brisbane.

I had seen a shot prior to me going to Brisbane last week of this spot taken just before the sun came up so I wanted a shot for myself as well. What I hadn’t realised was that it was taken literally just before the sun came up and I thought for some reason that it was taken much earlier hence my early arrival at the spot.

It is the main bridge into Brisbane and was designed by the same man as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, although completed about 10 years later than the Sydney Bridge.

This shot is virtually as it was taken from the camera and the exposure was pure guesswork as I don’t wear a watch and couldn’t tell how long the shutter had been open. It certainly had me thinking about how long the shutter had been open and what I needed to do to get a great shot.

I will make a small adjustment to the shot to tone down that light on the pier to the left of the shot. I find it a bit distracting, otherwise I like it as is.

Anyway Enjoy