Hi All,

As the title shows, where do pineapples come from? Have a look in the shot and the foreground shows where! They don’t grow in the ground as such but in the leaves of the plant.

As some of you know I was in Brisbane recently and was doing the tourist thing when we (my wife and I) came across this scene. I just wish I had more time and was here say around the end of June to get this shot as it shows the operation of the farmer and what he uses to firstly make the pineapples grow but then to harvest with the tractor etc.

From what I could see the pineapples were not quite ready to harvest as the were about 75% of the size you see in the shops but there would have to be at hundreds if not thousands of them in this field alone.

The farm was at Beerburrum which is to the north of Brisbane in the Glasshouse Mountains area which is also the main growing area for Pineapples in Australia with the Big Pineapple tourist attraction not far away.


Some of you have asked me about “how much are the shots Photoshopped?” Well most shots are a little but I try and get things right “in camera” like the Story Bridge shot from last entry. That shot was hardly touched Photoshop wise. This shot was quite heavily photoshopped due to the tricky exposure and contrasty lighting. I ended up doing quite a lot of work to get to this stage. I am not 100% happy but it is close enough!


Some of you may remember my black & white sugar cane house shot from Cairns recently. Well I got some good feedback from Steve Rutherford (http://www.steverutherford.com.au/) and decided to enter it into the 2012 Better Photography Awards to see just how the judges would score the shot. Well I got a 76/100 which was good enough for a Bronze Award! I hope to enter some more competitions to see how my shots stack up against others.

Anyway, enough for now, enjoy!