Hi all,

As many of you know I now work full time in the city so there will be the odd shot that will be taken after work as the spring and summer progress.

I have wanted to do this shot for a while but had to wait for the right time of year to do it justice. It is of course Observatory Hill near the Harbour Bridge and I took shots over a 45 minute period with various lenses. The attached shot is one that I think was the best and was taken in the period after the sun had set but darkness not yet set in.

I was quite amazed how many people were up there during the time I was there, ranging from wedding couples to your average person out on a walk. I had to be careful not to get in anyone else’s way or shot!

I intend to go back near Christmas time when the daylight hours are at their longest and shot some different angles and lenses just to see what works and see how I go.

Anyway, enjoy!