Hi all,

The shoot for this was totally unplanned and only came about due to the fact my wife Anna was shooting “The Script” at the Metro in George Street Sydney for Live Guide. This place is a pain to get to and even to park at so I decided to try and put some use to the 45 minutes I thought I would have. Normally since most time Anna shoots on a weekend night, I will listen to the footy or whatever on the radio.

This particular night I just felt like going for a shoot and thought that Hyde Park would be suitable if I could park there or close enough to there.

To make things more interesting I couldn’t use the camera I normally do, the Canon 5D Mk2, so I had to use our 60D which is a bit more basic but the way to go about getting the shots is the same.

I knew nothing about this fountain except that it was there! No one I knew had any suggestions either but I have since found out that it is named after FJ Archibald who was a former editor of The Bulletin magazine and was completed around 1932.

Before anyone says anything that is not me in one of the shots and as a little bit of fun on my part, one shot has been heavily photo shopped but I won’t say how or what I did. Have a go and tell me which one!

Given the time I had I really enjoyed this shoot and since it is near work will go for a walk up there to seek out further shots for future shoots.

I hope to also get to north of the Harbour at some point as well so stay posted.