Hi all,

Firstly I have to thank my wife for pointing out this spot as well as helping out with the processing of the shot. Without either, there is no shot!

This spot is on the way to Daharwal National Park where I got the shots of the native flowers last week. I hadn’t seen this spot going either way on the road until my wife pointed it out and the fact there were some horses she wanted to get a photo of there.

Naturally some wandering around by me looking at different angles and as we have just got a new camera I had to give it a go on the weekend when the weather forecast was good for what I wanted to do.

I have not done much to the shot itself but used filters over the lens of the camera to try and balance the light out a bit so the bottom wasn’t too dark or the top too light. In essence I have used sunglasses for the top part of the shot.

I just love how things have been placed around and if I could do the shot again, I would ask can I move the blue thing. I don’t like to go onto private property without permission even at 6am in the morning!

Anyway enough from me……..enjoy