Hi All,

This shot was the result of driving home after taking the Farmyard junk shot. Only reason I couldn’t take it at the time was that I didn’t have the right lenses for the job as I had missed this field on the way back last time. Who knows where I have been looking!

The yellow flowered plant is called Calliopsis and normally flowers around this time of year. According to the gardening website I checked it is a native but really looks like a daisy.

This particular field is the only one in the area that had any of these flowers in it so it is a mystery how this particular field became full of them.

The shed is your average run of the mill shed and the only reason I took the shot was to try and get a decent shot of the flowers all bunched up.

The Wedderburn area has proven fruitful for me and there are still some scenes out there that I would like to record.

Anyway, enjoy!