Hi All,

Brownlow Hill is just west of Camden and is dairy country. I decided to go and have a bit of a look around one day just to see what was there. There are lots of country lanes about the place as well as the Sydney Uni Farms and it is reasonably hilly.

I found this abandoned dairy and to the right of the shot you can see the back of the shed and associated equipment. The trees hide the house of all things and the fields are off to the left.

Ironically there are still dairies that are in operation in the area so I hope to cover these at the right time to bring out their best.

Other News

Some of the shots you have seen in these em<ails were entered into the International Loupe Awards in the landscape category.

Out of 5 entries, 4 won bronze awards so I feel quite humble about all of the work that I have put into my photography in recent years to improve myself.

I am hoping to get one more shoot in before Christmas.


Paul Bartle

Sml Brownlow Hill Completed Final