Hi All,

Building No45 is part of the Elizabeth Macarthur Institute and is part of the old John Macarthur Estate which made merino wool famous in Australia. It is also part of the area known as Cowpastures where the first herd of cows went missing not long after the first fleet arrived only to be found years later in this area having increased in herd size.

I have driven past this building many times on the back road between Camden and Menangle and have often wondered what would be the best time to get “that” shot. In full sun or in cloud or even fog just to give it some atmosphere. If the sun was out then this time of year is perfect as it faces south east.

I decided to see what I could do last week and was served up with a thick fog at my place but was fairly patchy on the way out to building 45. This building and the whole institute is surrounded by a 6ft chain link fence so I had to stand on a step ladder just to get over the fence and I couldn’t use my tripod like I usually do.

Initially when I pulled up there cows all over this front yard and my arrival only seemed to entice them closer to where I was. I didn’t want that and tried all sorts of things to get back a bit. You should see the sequence of shots that I took, hilarious in some shots!

I have no idea of the history of this building but would imagine that it was some sort of accommodation when built but now seems abandoned. There are sheds in the back ground as well which I am also keen to shoot but requires a different approach.

Where did I get the title of building no45? Well each building in the Elizabeth Macarthur Institute is numbered. This one happens to be number 45. There are others at Menangle on the main street which have a small number plate as well as the post box address number. The number for this building just happens to be right next to right hand door!

I hope to try and get a sunrise shot as well here in winter as the sun rises just off to the right with the angled shot of the building.

Anyway enough from me, enjoy!


Sml Building 45 Final Version 1 Front On

Sml Building 45 Final Version 1