Hi All,

With this shot, most of you have actually been past this place and most likely not even noticed it. Like usual it is an abandoned dairy or at best a working one but with low output as I have seen the odd tanker going into this particular property over a period of time but as you can tell by the shot doesn’t look like it is operating.

Kenny Hill is on the corner of Narellan Road and the Hume Highway near Campbelltown although it can only be seen from Narellan Road.

This property is at the top of what was the steepest grade on the old Camden railway line which closed back in 1963 and as you can tell there is a line of hills at the back of the dairy which gives a nice backdrop.

I would have liked a bit of cloud which turned up a few hours later but it was no good light wise by then. All that means is that I will have to try again!

Just on a closing note, this is my 30th blog for the year and I wish to thank you all for putting up with my inane chatterings but more importantly giving me feedback, either good or bad, it has certainly been appreciated.

This will be the last post for the year as I take some time off to hopefully get some beach side shooting done and rearrange the folders on my computer to actually make some sense!

May you and your families have a great Christmas and New Year and hopefully have a bigger and better 2013!

As I always end my blogs, enough from me, enjoy!


Sml Kenny Hill Vert No1-2