Hi all,

Welcome to the first post of the year and a bit of flagrant self promotion never hurt anyone!

I have been out and about quite a bit since my last post but wanted to start the year by promotion our (my wife and I) website.


I have uploaded a new gallery in the landscapes category. To find this you need to scroll down to Gallery Categories and you will see Landscapes at the bottom left. Click on it and there will be an old gallery from 2010 and a brand new one. Click on the brand new one and have a browse.

I will be uploading new galleries every few weeks to cover different aspects of what I have shot so come back and have a look from time to time.

All of the shots are for sale so if you like one, drop me a line and we can arrange it.

I will be sending out the first shot of the year on the weekend and it is some quite different from what I normally shoot so stay tuned!

As I always end my blogs, enough from me, enjoy!