Hi All,

As promised, this is the first shot for the year which was taken just before Christmas.

Mahons Pool is a rock pool just to the north of Maroubra Beach and the couple of times I have visited has proven it to be popular with both swimmers and photographers.

The day I visited was the 22 December which is the summer solistise which means it was the longest day this year daylight hour wise. As I wasn’t sure how long it would take me I got there way to early but this proved to be a blessing which I will explain later.

Normally the orange light would bug me and I would normally just wait till the light went out but I find it balances nicely with the rising sun. I certainly intend to do a sunrise more towards winter to get a different angle of the sun which will be more to the left to the shot.

I am not sure what is happening with the cloud as there was a sort of fast moving sea fog in addition to the cloud you can see a bit further out to sea. The tide was also going on high with heavy surf making the pool a bit of a washing machine as well.

All in all I am really pleased the way this shot has come out.

Now getting back to the bit about getting there early. I arrived about 4.45am to scout a spot and set up as the best colours can be around before the sun actually rises. For those who are my friends on facebook know I have already had a bit of rant about the complete lack of courtesy shown by the up to 20 photographers that appeared by the time I left at 6am. Most of them just wandered through the scene with a complete lack of courtesy and regard for other photograghers. It didn’t really affect me as I had my shots before them others showed up but I did feel for one guy who arrived just after me and was shooting with a panoramic camera on film so I could see he was getting frustrated. I walked away shaking my head in disbelief that so many arrived there and for what they were doing.

Anyway, soapbox off now.





Sml Mahon Pool No1 LR4 Nth Side Final