Hi all,

Well another beach scene, this time on the south coast at Austinmer Beach and this time I was all alone and had a great time shooting somewhere that I had been past many times but never stopped to shoot.

This whole area is very different to Sydney’s beaches in that there are a lot of rock shelf’s with cracks in them where the water can come in. You can see on in this shot and this one is tiny compared to some others that I saw.

The tide is coming in on this shot so it was only a matter of waiting for the water to do it’s thing here and then get the shot.

I was also using a filter to tone down the sky a little so as to make the exposure a bit easier to do and not have to “fiddle” with the shot in photoshop. Like the dope I am, when I was packing up, I must have missed a piece of my filter kit and it is now floating at the bottom of the Tasman Sea at Austinmer!

Many of you know I live at Mount Annan out near Camden. The funny thing is that it is physically shorter for me to go to Austinmer than it is to Maroubra by some 10 km’s. Go Figure!

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy!





Sml Austinmer Beach Sunrise Dec 12 Final