Hi All,

The idea for this shot came from the Dulux ad that is on tv at the moment and my imagination has run riot again with this one.

I had the opportunity to shoot the club early one morning and I had the idea that a contrasty black and white would be great especially in the weather that presented itself. It was cloudy to the point of almost raining.

To make sure that I took advantage of the light conditions I put a special filter in front of the lens that extends the exposure time so that it makes the ocean look like a lake. The exposure for this was at 2 and a half minutes. One thing that does have me a bit mystified is that there were a lot of people walking through the scene but you can’t see them in the shot.

Speaking of people, the paths there at Tamarama are quite wide and even though I didn’t take up too much room, people were still waiting to get around where I was due to the numbers of walkers and joggers!

Anyway, enough from me enjoy.





Sml Tamarama Dreaming Lum Adj copy