Hi All,

Well you get two for the price of one this week as a result of two visits to Litte Austinmer which funnily enough is the next beach north of Austinmer itself.

This whole area is so fascinating that many visits under all conditions are really required to capture all its moods.

There are many rock shelves on which to walk when the tide is down and the rock is so different to the sandstone that you see around Sydney.

The other reason for the two shots is to just show you that I don’t always get that spectacular sunrise every time I venture out despite what the weatherman might say!

In both shots I was lucky not to get wet and in fact managed to get home before the rain came down.

The first shot was taken at the southern end of the beach with a mid tide going out so I was chasing the water out but managed to get a shot of flowing out of the shot to the lower left as well as some wave action.

In the second shot I had planned to get water spilling over the rock shelf but now realise I need a mid tide to do and not low tide when I showed up. I ended up getting this shot which I think is interesting with the clouds and red sky.

Both shots may look a little dark and I have gone back and fixed the shots so that the finished shot is actually much better than what you see here.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy!






Sml Real Little Austinmer Vig Plate

Sml Little Austinmer 16022013