Hi All,

A bonus this week whilst I wait for some more votes from those who I sent the Lighthouse shot to their work email address.

This shot whilst simple appeals to me in that there is nothing in the shot that screams a date so could have been taken anytime in the last 50 years and could even be converted to Black and White and make no difference to the date of it.

I also like the left shed and how it appears to have that tree crash on it………and that was before last weeks storm!

It is amazing how many times I have driven past here and yet it is this time I notice the shot so turn around to have a better look and this is the result.

I am literally standing on the road to get the shot. Why? It is due to the fact that the road was a little higher and to me gave a better perspective.

The Oaks is out the back of Camden on the way to Lake Burragorang but is also a junction of roads to Penrith and Picton. It is also one of my favourite area’s to explore with its mixture of farms and old style villages.

This spot is also quite close to St Matthews which is a favourite subject of mine.

Anyway, enjoy.





Sml Rural Scene The Oaks comp