Hi All,

This week shot is being sent early as I will be very busy over the next few days, but first things first.

The shot from last week that had the most votes was No3 which was actually my choice. I will work on this shot next week and get it out as soon as I can.

This week the shot was a result of my wife being in that building on the far left, the Opera House for a show so I had time to fill and have never shot from this side of the harbour before.

This shot should not have worked. It is 6 shots stitched together, using a wide angle lens and me calculating the shutter speed as a compromise from the dark and light area’s.

Basically it should have looked like crap!

Anyway, Photoshop has done a great job in merging all the shots and genrally making the final result look brilliant I think. The only thing I did in addition was to tone down the wharf at the front as it was a bit distracting.

The clouds look a bit strange as the exposure time at 20 seconds is long and the clouds were moving quite quickly, hence the blurred look.

Anyway enough from me, enjoy.





Sml Milsons Point View