Hi All,

For this post I blame my osteopath Adrian for telling me about this place.

With my wife shooting Chris Issack who was playing at the State Theatre I had some time to fill in so I wandered down to Glebe Point.

This spot is on a path and you can shoot the bridge late on a summers afternoon or a dawn shoot if wanted as well as night as well as from just about any angle as well.

It was difficult to get this shot as there was quite a strong breeze blowing and with so much darkness the lens was having a lot of trouble focussing. In the end I lowered the camera on the tripod down a bit and changed it to manual focus and eventually the wind died down a bit so the shooting began again.

I am really pleased with shot and you can also see the Harbour Bridge as well underneath.

I intend to return soon in daylight to get some more shots as well as a sunrise shoot when the time suits.

Anyway, enough from me enjoy!



Sml Anzac Bridge