Hi All,

Apologies for sending the shots out of order but this one is ready to go!

Anyway, this spot is quite historic as trhe First Fleet when they landed had cattle with them and some escaped at some point only to be found years later near this spot having bred and increased in numbers.

This spot is also part of the old Macarthur Estate but this area was generally known as Cowpastures for obvious reasons.

Unfortunately in the taking of this shot I have found out that Campbelltown Council now own the land and are planning to fill the whole scene with houses. I am not sure that this is such a great place to put houses as the Nepean River is very close to this spot and has been known to flood.

This shot was taken after sunset over Easter but I do intend to do more as a personal project before the houses take over.

Anyway, enjoy.





Sml Blk Menangle Park Dairy Final