Hi All,

Well this area is one of my favourites and with the shot of the Upper Wentworth Falls was the result of some years of investigations!

Despite my best efforts I could never locate it and not only that it appears that they are also known as Queens Cascades so who knows what the name actually is..

The reason they were hard to locate was that they are largely hidden behind a rise in the track between Weeping Rock and Wentworth Falls themselves which is only about 200 metres!

But alas I found them and intend to shoot them again when times allows.

Weeping Rock is a waterfall and will feature shortly in its own blog space.

With the shot of Wentworth Falls themselves (No1), I had walked about half of the Charles Darwin track and would recommend that anyone walk it as it is rated as easy and is a great flat walk and you can do bits or all of the track as there are numerous entry and exit points.

Behind me is a fence and then a big drop into the valley…..luckily the edge is some 10 metre’s away.

In the other shot you can see part of another waterfall…..that is Weeping Rock which as I explained earlier will be subjewct of another blog.

I recently saw in the paper a shot of Wentworth Falls in flood after a long period of rain……lets just say I would not have able to get any of the shots nor actually stand there either such was the volume of moving water.

If any of you get the chance to go to Wentworth Falls……go, you won’t regret it.

Anyway, enough from me……. enjoy






Sml Wentworth falls

Sml Rough Wentworth Falls Upper