Hi all,

As the name says it all above. My post on the Menangle Park Dairy mentioned the cattle from the first fleet going missing………well this is the spot they were found.

The range in the background is Razorback Range and the hill in the middle slightly to the left is Mount Tarus.

This was actually just a test shot to see which lens would be best suited but in saying that I feel I have missed the mark with this shot by not taking a second shot to the left to get all of the fog in.

It also wasn’t a happy day for me as the tripod head died on me as well when a spring broke and everythig was suddenly loose.

The unfortunate part of this shot is that the foreground will become a sea of houses……..something that I hope doesn’t happen for a long time or until I can get all the shots I want!

The shot itself was taken a few minutes before dawn and it was quite amazing to stand there and watch the fog move around the valley. It is something I would like to do more of as the weather allows me.

Anyway, enjoy!






Sml Cowpasture View Menangle Park Final