Hi All,

This shot was taken after sunset last Sunday just south of Sydney.

I may as well as be anywhere in Australia and it is hard to believe that a regional centre such as Campbelltown is not five kilometre’s away.

I had intended to shoot a star trail here once it got dark but forgot to take my torch so couldn’t read the display on the camera but not only that, the Hume Highway is on the right at the back and the headlights were proving to be an issue as well.

The exposure was proving to be an issue as well as you have a dark foreground, light grass from the recent lack of rain and a bright sky that hasn’t gone dark yet.

I love shooting around here and the thought that this scene will be full of houses one day just saddens me.

I really should make contact with the local historical societies and find out the history of some of these dairies that I have been shooting, even if just to paint a picture of the background to the story of the shot.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Sml Menangle Dairy 2705 LR4 No2