Hi All,

This is a tale of two shots so you need to tell me what you think about the sky whether one is “too much” or is the other a bit more real looking.

To throw into the mix as well is that this is 3 shots in 1 that have been “blended” in the camera due to the tricky light conditions.

My wife and I discovered this spot by accident out the back of The Oaks which is near Camden. We saw a “For Sale” sign on the main road and never having been down this particular dead end road we not only discovered the house but some potential spots like this.

My only regrets with this shot is that I arrived too late in the day to get the shot with the sun out so that means a return visit but the other regret is that I didn’t get to take out that bit of grass near the headlight…..well there was an electric fence there due to the cows walking through the scene so one had to wait awhile while the cows did their thing!

I fully intend to go back when an opportunity arises and hopefully make contact with the property owner to shoot around the property. There is some great old stuff there!

Anyway, let me know what you think.

Enough from me, enjoy!






Sml Quarry Rd Rusted Truck LR4 Final Vig Blue Adj

Sml Quarry Rd Rusted Truck LR4 No2