Hi All,

This blog entry will be the first of a few for the Vivid Festival as I covered more territory this year than ever before and it seems that they add more each year, they place them further apart making it harder to see and cover everything.

It is intended to put up three or four shots each week of the festival of the more popular attractions for the Vivid Festival for 2013.

This first entry will cover Darling Harbour and for me this was probably the most disappointing part of the Vivid Festival for me.

I had heard that there was this great light and water show but didn’t know that it was on only once an hour for ten minutes…….surely they could put on more often than that but none the less there were big crowds there to see it with not much room to set up. I was lucky to find a spot with just enough room to get shots.

I am not sure what sort of story the show was supposed to be about but the use of light on water was spectacular. It wasn’t until later looking back over the shots that I discovered the faces on water as seen here and I have several shots like this that initially scared the hell out of me, they were that scary!

Anyway, we will move on and the next entry will feature the north side of the harbor which had the western side of the bridge lit of for the first time.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy!





Sml Vivid Building LR4

Sml Vivid Face LR4

Sml Vivid Latern LR4-2

Sml Vivid Sign at Light Show