Hi all,

For the first time the western side of the Sydney Harbor Bridge was lit up for the Vivid festival with an interactive display controlled from near Luna Park.

I did a couple of trips over to the north side and after lots of walking up and down lots of hills and the results are here for all to see.

The traffic was complete madness and with nowhere to park so for the most part I walked and I think I was going quicker than the traffic at some spots!

The last two of the shots have been blended “in camera” due to the tricky light conditions but otherwise it was enjoyable to shoot the festival from a different spot despite the weather not always being kind either.

I certainly hope that they keep this part for next year.

Whilst I was over there I also spotted a large number of Jacarandah trees so will have to keep an eye on that to shoot in the springtime.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy!





Sml Blues Pt Vert

Sml Lavender Bay No1 Sharpened

Sml No 1 HDR Bradfield Pk Comp