Hi all,

As a lot of you know I visited Cairns and the Daintree recently.

Staying in Mossman just north of Port Douglas meant less driving but new spots to use for sunrises which bring us to the first shot which is at Newell Beach not far north of Mossman.

I was there with pro-photographer Steve Rutherford who was going over my technique and we were actually shooting the scene behind us when Steve said to have a look behind us.

This is the result and the next few minutes were spent shoot various angles and also vertically with our camera’s.

There are two shots from more or less the same spot. The first was the first shot taken after we spun our tripods around and the second was later on when a fisherman decided to join in.

Let me know which one you like.

I never cease to be amazed what gets served up weather wise by Far North Queensland.

By the way, there are croc’s in the mangroves there too…….there are signs everywhere!

Lastly, I do have Vivid shots to do as well as some Melbourne shots so I will try and ramp up the output!

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.

Paul Bartle

Sml Newell Creek Beach Mountain View LR5

Sml Newell Creek Beach Mountain View LR5 No2