Hi All,

These were the last landscape shots I took on this trip to Cairns. I say shots as it is a 7 shot stitch to make a panorama.

This building has fascinated me for a long time and I really wanted to get something of it on this trip.

It is a typical barrack for sugar cane works in yesteryear but now serves as storage and accommodation.

Notice the windows? Just bits of tin propped up with wood. It would be nice and hot in there in summer I think.

It looks like it is out in the country a bit but is less than 5km’s from Cairns city centre and I could see the control tower of Cairns Airport as I took the shots!

The sugar cane line is in the foreground and the front field has been cut.

I have been told the harvest this year will be a very good one due to the lack of a wet season but good rains in May.


As some of you know I enter the occasional competition. I entered two shots into the Epson Pano Awards where the only rule was that the bottom edge(longest) had to be at least twice as long as the side.

Your humble photographer had both shots score a bronze award.

It is nice to know that I am doing something right but gee a silver would be nice!

Anyway enough from me, enjoy



Sml Smart Sugar Cane Farm Cairns No2 LR5


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