Hi All,

I have long wanted to get hay bales into one of my shots.

I happened to stumble across this scene as I had dropped my son off for an early shift and took the long way home via Menangle and Camden as I wanted to find some more subjects.

My eye’s nearly popped out when I saw the hay bales and had to get them and the next day presented the opportunity you see here.

The funny about about this shot is that I am standing in the middle of a bush of some sort…….things you do to get the shot.

Turns out that from chatting to a man who lives adjacent to where I took the shot, the owner just normally slashes it and that is all. This time they rolled it into hay bales to sell….something they have apparently never done.

Just to add to the scene was the fact some recent rain had made the area a bit greener.

In the background is Mount Hercules on the Razorback Range looking down on the whole area.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.



Sml Razorback View from Cawdor