Hi All,

A final look at Melbourne.

This shot proved to be an issue to do something with, mainly where the borders went.

My first go at it didn’t look right and even pro photographer Steve Rutherford had a look and came back with a rough crop but it just didn’t look balanced or right to me.

So I had several more attempts and the result is that I like this one the best.

This spot is right outside Rod Laver arena and was quite a walk to get to from where we were staying in the CBD.

I was amazed at how many rowers (and just how quick they go!) at that spot but as the sun rose, there were less and less of them let alone any when this sky presented itself.

It looks like the sky was painted somehow but it is real and I got a bit wet getting this…..silly me forgot to check for showers before leaving for the shoot. Luckily I could hide on a path underneath whilst raining.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy



Sml Final Yarra River Rowers View Cap One