Hi All,

Glenlee House is situated near the Mt Annan Botanic gardens and was one of the first of the historic homes built in the Campbelltown area in the early.

It is still a private residence and is home to the Glenlee Olive Farm.

They did have an open day some years ago to celebrate the first pressings of olives for the new season.

Inside the house is amazing as well as the grounds themselves.

The hill almost directly behind the house is Sundial Hill and the hill to the left is the lower slopes of Mount Annan (yes there is actually a Mt Annan!)

For those who know me well, I was actually out to get a train shot and came to this spot to wait for it.

The only thing is the train didn’t turn up and the Pattersons Curse was out as you can see in the foreground.

All thoughts disappeared of getting the train shot!

I used various lenses here as the house is quite a distance from the boundary and actually came back the next week once I had settled on what I thought was the best lens for the job.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Paul Bartle

Sml Glenlee House 5D