Hi All,

Apologies up front for the long winded message this time.
Quite often how “photoshopped” are my shots. With the way I have been taught by Steve Rutherford I try and get everything right in the camera and less time staring at a computer (see Steve I do listen sometimes!).
However this shot is different. It was taken with my 15mm fisheye lens which means it was a bit bent and when I have come to process it I have taken the bend out and this is the result that you see attached.
Now to get this shot was quite difficult as I dangling over a rock right on the river and since I couldn’t get myself up on to the top of this rock, pro photographer Steve Rutherford was supporting my feet whilst I was getting the shot.
It is not often that I do this sort of thing and in this instance I couldn’t even look into the viewfinder and had to use the back screen to see what I was actually pointing the camera at.
Steve’s wife Tanya was with us and took a shot of this ridiculous set up and I am not sure Tanya has stopped laughing at the pair of us yet. Hopefully I will one day be able to show the shot to you all.
One thing is for certain is that I think I have a unique shot of the Mossman River. 
This part is quite a way down towards the pickup/drop off point.
Anyway, enough from me enjoy.