Hi All,

This is really just a continuation on from the last post, to show the original shot as well as the finished product and what I did to get it.

It certainly involved a bit of rock hopping to get this shot.

No1 is the fish eye uncorrected shot which I then straightened and corrected so it looked “normal” but apart from a few minor corrections and cropping that is the finished product.

The other two shots were taken by Tanya Rutherford wife of Steve that you see here in the shots.

The rocks are so smooth here that I just couldn’t wriggle my way to the top so Steve lends me a hand by supporting me with his knees so I can get as far up as possible.

The shots you see are the end result.

Ok so you can all stop laughing now!

Lastly, thanks to Tanya and Steve Rutherford for such brilliant weekend up in Far North Queensland, it was certainly memorable!

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.



Sml 688A9046

sml LR Mosman Boulders Fisheye Corrected No2 (1 of 1)

Paul shooting Mossman-1

Paul shooting Mossman-2