Hi All,

It has been a while but I haven’t been idle.

I have been trying to find a framer for my photo’s and managed to find one at a reasonable cost so if you like a shot I can get the print done and framed and signed for you, just visit the blog site and ask me!

Not only that I have been working on a website which is still no where near ready but I am getting there.

Anyway, this shot has been sometime in the making and I can’t find any information about it apart from the name so a visit to Camden Historical Society will be in order.

I have been trying to get this shot for a while and whilst it is black & white and very contrasty, the building is rather dull hence why the shot the way it is.

I am not totally happy with the shot and plan to go back when it is 100% cloudy to really give it some character in the sky.

Anyway, that is all for now so enjoy.



Sml Final No 1 LR5 Lum Adj Brownlow Hill Sunday School (1 of 1)