Hi All,

The official name for this fire was the Halls Road Balmoral Village fire and it burn’t out over 10,000 hectares.

The attached shot was taken just a week after the devastating fires at Yanderra between Bargo and Mittagong.

I must admit I found it quite confronting with the damage caused and as you see a scorched earth.

The fire front here is quite narrow when viewed on the attached website but none the less houses and sheds were destroyed and others left alone right next door.

I can’t replicate this shot now as the area has been cleared up to some extent and in fact the next time I went back, I couldn’t find it as I was taking my bearings off the drum in the shot which is now gone.

I ended up finding it again by having a copy of the shot with me and working out the trees on the right had been cleared.

With the recent rain the area is starting to recover and there are signs of life starting to show despite being burnt such a short time ago.

I will show more shots as time goes on.

Any, enough from me enjoy.



Sml LR5 Yanderra 15mm Final No2a (1 of 1)