Hi All,

Firstly compliments of the season to you all.

I hadn’t realised that it had been a few weeks since I posted but over the break I have been busy.

Cataract Creek is at Lawson in the Blue Mountains and many of the walks in this area date back to the 1890’s.

This particular creek flows over a few large waterfalls, one which is my favourite Federal Falls is on this creek as well.

It is a favourite as there is so much you can shoot in such a small area.

Federal Falls themselves are nothing much to write home about but the area around it is incredible.

Amazingly a family had camped at the base of the falls overnight and since I got there very early I think I startled them!

This particular shot is on the way back and officially don’t have a name although research suggest that this could be Shakespeare’s Glen but is no longer used.

The only down side to this visit was the fact it hasn’t rained enough to really get the waterfalls pumping so I will have to wait for rain before going again.

Lastly, all the best for the new year and 2014.

I hope to share some really exciting news with you all shortly.

For now, enjoy!



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