Hi All,

This shot wasn’t supposed to happen at all.

I was down that way to meet some friends but take some train shots before meeting them.

Forecast was for sunny and even got a train shot then with for some typical southern highlands weather, someone turned off the sun!

Having time to spare I wandered out to Fitzroy Falls but had no loose change for their parking meter’s so kept going to Belmore Falls and came across this scene.

All I can say is wow. I think very few people come here which is a shame but what a view.

It was at this point I had realised that I had no tripod to help me get the shots and this one is a 3 shot stitch put together.

It is hard enough to do straight with a tripod let alone without one and I had to work fast with the cloud lifting out of the valley.

I had to make visual marks on each shot where I was going to join the shots up and make sure I left room.

I was amazed that this is the result.

What you can see is actually Kangaroo Valley at the western end.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.



Sml Final Anna Hindmarsh Lookout No 1  (1 of 1)