Hi All,

You can all start laughing now as I managed to get a little lost on this one after the shot.

Was I really lost?

Not really, but I couldn’t point to a map and say I was here but I knew that the creek was on my right and the road on my left….but how far away? Don’t know.

I eventually got out as you can see!

Anyway, I went to shoot Fitzroy Falls but it was fogged out so came here knowing that this waterfall is just upstream from Belmore Falls itself.

Usually I have no qualms in getting into a creek to shoot but this one actually looked deep in the middle so I wasn’t taking any risks.

It was also flowing quite nicely after some recent rains.

It is located on Barrengarry Creek and it does go over Belmore Falls and ends up flowing through Kangaroo Valley.

The whole area is very picturesque and there are several other locations not involving waterfalls or creeks worth looking at too.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.



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