Hi All,

One thing I have tried to do when the opportunity has come up is to reshoot my first landscapes.

This is mainly now that I have better equipment, experience that can bring out their best.

The occasion was that I happened to be in Goulburn with my wife who was shooting rising country music band McAlister Kemp (worth seeing too).

As we were staying overnight I wanted to shoot St Mary’s again before it was no more or less than before!

The last time I was here it was below freezing and ice everywhere so the mild weather was appreciated!

I wanted to shoot at first light and before the sun was up due to the direction of the sun rising which was straight on, so I only had a small window in which to shoot.

I was very lucky to get some cloud in the sky also for some colour.

It is a hard place to shoot as there are quite a number of wires and poles behind the church and hiding them behind the building itself and trees takes a bit of work!

The nearby graveyard had its last burial there in 1993 which was surprising but has graves there from the 1800’s.

I am not sure why the church seems to have a bit of a glow about it given the sun is not actually up. It has made me wonder though.

Over to left is a shed that I would love to shoot but I am not sure if it is private property or not as there is no fence between where I am and it.

This church is actually beside the Hume Highway just south of Goulburn where the highway to Canberra branches off so if you get a chance, stop and have a look. It will be worth it.

Anyway, enough of me, enjoy.


Paul Bartle

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