Hi All,

So where is Parkesbourne?

In the 1800’s The Father of Federation Sir Henry Parkes visited this area to open a school and it didn’t have a name. So he named the village after himself!

Apparently “bourne” means homes in scottish.

Anyway it is just south of Goulburn and like the previous couple of weeks I was just driving around looking for spots to shoot.

I came across this spot and it got my attention straight away.

It really has some potential that is not obvious in this shot and I hope to go back when the daylight hours are short to shoot it from a different angle (I am looking at you there Rod Kelly!)

The hills are a bit closer than the last shot and I am still on the Breadalbane Plain.

I like the shoot as the clouds are starting to come in and it adds to the shot in my opinion and I used a small telephoto lens for the shot to bring the hills up a bit.

It is also about the only house around there. The others are some way behind me.

With all the rain they have had it is nice and green down there.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.



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